Wine List

The Bouchon wine program features wines from France and the United States, primarily California. It takes its cues from the kitchen and the cuisine.  We seek out wines that express their terroir, offer a sense of place and a story of the individuals who make them.

In bistros throughout France, Vin de Carafe is simply what you drink. Order a carafe of wine, and what is brought to your table is simple, delicious, affordable and served without pretense. At our Bistros, we have recreated the spirit of these special wines by introducing our own Vin de Carafe sourced from the wine regions surrounding our restaurants. The wines are selected in barrel from the cellars of the finest winemakers California has to offer, and are only available in the restaurant. They are delicious, affordable and unique - once a barrel is gone, the wine won't return again.

White Wines

Red Wines